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'And I pray you into life. Into flesh.'

              - Clifton Gachagua, "A Bronze God, or a Letter on Demand"

PRISM International invites submissions for its upcoming SPELLS issue 63.1, edited by Ayda Niknami and Sierra Louie.

Consider words as “performative utterances." They do not just describe, they do things ー they perform actions. How do we bring our words beyond the page? What lives do they lead once they are written? Spoken? What are the consequences of invoking them? Spell is the writing out of letters in sequence to create meaning. It is a short period of time, often marked by the weather or an illness. Spell is an incantation, a set of instructions, a desire expressed through language. What spells are you desperate to speak? To make a reality? Contemplate what spells you may have consciously or unknowingly cast as you look back on experiences and memories. What did your words bring to life? How might readers interact with your words to confront and express their own desires?

We invite you to share these spells with us and to consider what effects the order of your language might elicit. Send us poetry, prose, and hybrid works that contemplate the meaning and impact of "spell" in any or all of its manifestations. If you wish, we invite you to weave in traditions associated with spell, drawing on the dialectic between the literary and the magical. Or leave such traditions behind altogether. Go as wide or as narrow with the definition as you wish. We encourage submissions that play with the ordinary expectations of the form and that bring a heartbeat to it.


  We are accepting prose (approximately 4,000 words or less), and poetry (up to four poems, to a maximum of six pages). Please submit via Submittable. We pay $40 per printed page of prose and $45 per printed page of poetry.
PRISM international publishes exciting, original material from established and emerging writers in Canada and around the world. We accept submissions year-round. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive each month, reply times range between 2 to 6 months, depending on the time of year. Please note: PRISM does not accept submissions from current and incoming students and faculty of the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing Program (this includes the UBC Optional-Residency MFA Program). Work submitted by incoming students prior to their acceptance to the UBC Creative Writing Program, if still under consideration, must be withdrawn. In order to submit, UBC alumni cannot have taken a UBC Creative Writing Program course during the previous two years. PRISM does not publish the same writer twice in a publication year.



  • If you are unable to submit via Submittable, please get in touch at promotions@prismmagazine.ca.
  • For contest entries, please refer to our contest page.
  • Submit only one piece at a time, unless you are submitting flash fiction or non-fiction (under 1,000 words), in which case you may submit up to three pieces in a single document.
  • Our recommended length for submissions is approximately 4,000 words or less. We have a limited page count per issue and aim to offer a platform for as many talented writers as possible. While we accept prose submissions of up to 25 pages (6,250 words), we must emphasize that it is only exceptional pieces of this length that will receive publication.
  • Send original, unpublished literary essays, personal essays, hybrid-genre works, and literary journalism. Please note that we do not publish rhetorical, academic, or strictly journalistic non-fiction.
  • Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and paginated. Please specify the genre of your submission in your cover letter.
  • In your cover letter, please include your full contact information (including email address) and a short bio (approximately 50 words).
  • All submissions should be set in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  • Submissions must be previously unpublished, in print and online.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions. If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please let us know immediately.
  • We purchase first North American serial rights, and pay $40/printed page for prose and $45/printed page for poetry. Contributors will receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears.
  • We strongly encourage submissions from Black and Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ writers, and writers from other intersectional and marginalized groups, including low-income earners. If you identify as one or more of the above and would like to let us know, please mention it in your cover letter.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.